Academic Policies

The academic growth of Archbishop Edward A.  McCarthy students is continuous and a life long process. The school wishes to maintain the tradition of academic excellence within the Archdiocese of Miami. The curriculum is primarily designed for college preparation. Therefore, regular attendance, good behavior, systematic preparation, homework and parental involvement are essential to academic success. It is important for students to set high standards for themselves. Grades reflect the quality of the student’s work and commitment and are measured by the grade point average (GPA). The student’s cumulative GPA for college admission begins in the freshman year.


  • 4 credits – Theology
  • 4  credits – English
  • 4  credits – Mathematics (Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II)
  • 3 credits – Science (required: Biology; Chemistry or Physics-2 credits must have a lab component)
  • 3 credits – Social Studies (World History/Geography, American History, Government, Economics req.)
  • 2 credits – Foreign Language (in same language)
  • .5 credit – Personal Fitness
  • .5 credit – Life Management
  • 1.5 credits – Practical/Fine Arts (1/2 credit in computer science is required)
  • 1.5 credits – Electives



The following are the requirements for graduation:

  • Minimum 2.0 Career Grade Point Average
  • 100 Community ministry hours must be completed.
  • Completion of all financial responsibilities including tuition, fees, fines, library materials, athletic equipment, fundraising, capital improvement, and all other financial obligations.

SPECIAL NOTE – All credits must be earned in order for a student to graduate or receive a diploma. All students must also maintain a 2.0 GPA in order to receive a diploma and to participate in athletics or extracurricular activities. The weighted GPA (honors, advanced placement, etc.) will be published on the report cards, since that is what will be sent to colleges/universities on transcripts.

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Test Scores & Statistics

2014 TESTING DATA – The graduating class of 2014 achieved the following mean SAT scores as reflected by the highest attained score of each student and are compared to score reports from larger group populations:

Class of 2013 SAT Scores
Math Critical Reading
Top 10% 725 697
Top 20% 684 663
Mean 536 547
Florida 490 492
National 514 496

All students are required to take the SAT.

265 students have taken the ACT with a mean composite score of 23.2.

The PSAT is administered to all students in grades 9, 10, and 11.

The ASPIRE will be replacing the PLAN for grades 9-10. ASPIRE will be March 17, 2015.

All juniors will take the ACT on March 17, 2015.

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Guidance Counseling

Our Mission

The Guidance Department’s counselors work together for the good of each and every student at Archbishop McCarthy High School. The counselors work to meet the needs of each student and advocate the growth and development of all students in the following manner:

  • Spiritually
  • Academically
  • Vocationally
  • Socially
  • Personally

Second to None in High School/College Prep.

Our Counselors:

Pilar Blanco

  • Director of Guidance
  • Sophomore Counselor
  • College Scholarships
  • Summer Enrichment College Programs
  • Bright Futures Scholarship
  • Financial Aid Night
  • McKay Programs
  • 954.434.8820 ext 222

Laura Brancheau

  • Director of College Counseling
  • College Fair Coordinator
  • College Tour Coordinator
  • Silver Knights Coordinator
  • Parent-to-Parent Coordinator
  • 954.434.8820 ext 230

Adriana Murgueytio

  • Senior Counselor
  • Awards Convocation
  • Future Nurses of America
  • HOBY Clew/HOBY/ Youth Leadership Broward/Youth Leadership Summit
  • Students in Transition-Transfer Students
  • SITE Coordinator
  • 954.434.8820 ext 226

Dr. Carmen Ugalde

  • Junior Counselor
  • SSD Coordinator
  • In-House Test Prep Program Coordinator
  • Excelsior Scholars Program Coordinator
  • High Risk Coordinator
  • Club 2000 Coordinator
  • 954.434.8820 ext. 253

Terri Tribble

  • Freshman Counselor
  • Career Zones Coordinator
  • AP- Test Coordinator
  • ACT Test Coordinator
  • ASPIRE Test Coordinator
  • PSAT Test Coordinator
  • HSPT Test Coordinator
  • NCAA Coordinator-Athletics
  • 954.434.8820 ext 228

Judy Williams

  • Administrative Assistant
  • Naviance Site Administrator
  • Bright Futures Specialist
  • College and Counseling Assistant
  • Data Processor (school statistics, scholarships/summer programs)
  • 954.434.8820 ext 234

Tere Perullas

Guidance Services:

  • ACADEMIC COUNSELING ~ Student Curriculum Advisement, Schedule Advisement, Tutoring Referrals, Student/Parent/Teacher Staffings, Integrated SAT Prep Programs, Student Grade Report Monitoring, Individual and Large/Small group meeting.
  • COLLEGE COUNSELING ~ College Fair, College Tours, College Rep Visits, College Financial Presentation, Summer Enrichment Presentations, Naviance
  • CAREER COUNSELING ~ Career Inventory, Career Day, Career Research, Resume Preparation, Career Resource Materials
  • PERSONAL COUNSELING AND SUPPORT ~ Crisis Intervention, Peer Relationships, Social Skills, Personal Conflicts, Family Referrals and Follow ups, Community Resource Information
  • PARENT/TEACHER SERVICES ~ Staffings with Teachers/Parents, Parent to Parent Program, Junior Parent College Planning Night, Senior Parent College Night, Sophomore Parent College Night, Freshman Guidance Night
  • Florida Bright Futures Scholarship & Financial Aid Information

Office Hours:

The Counseling Office is located on campus in the Administration Building. The Counseling Office is open from 7:30am until 4:00 p.m. Please check with your counselor for specific hours.


Counselors are available to meet with students throughout the school day. Students should use the sign up sheets at the reception desk to request a meeting with his or her counselor. In addition, individual appointments are set up by the counselors to meet with every student at least once every semester. Counselors are also available to meet with parents when a need arises. Parents are asked to contact their child’s counselor in advance and schedule an appointment.

Contacting Us:

All department staff can be reached by e-mail or by calling 954-434-8820 (ext 227). The Counseling Office receives a large volume of calls and e-mails daily, therefore, please allow up to 24 hours for a response to your message. When contacting your counselor, please indicate the student’s name and grade either on your phone message or in the subject line when sending e-mail.


Be a part of an award-winning Fine Arts Department and express yourself through your artistic talent! There are many opportunities to get involved. Archbishop Edward A. McCarthy High School offers courses during school, as well as numerous after-school activities. We urge you to use your God-given talents and become a member of one of our incredible programs.


Arguably the Best!
The objective of the Speech & Debate program is to increase students’ understanding of argument, critical thinking, and public speaking through a myriad of current event-related debate, speech, and interpretive activities. Students compete at district, state, and national level competitions and become members 
of the national honor society, The National Forensic League.


In the Spotlight!
The award winning Drama program offers many opportunities for students interested in acting, singing, dancing, directing, stage managing, and technical work. Annually, the drama program produces two mainstage plays, a one act, and the community service play. In addition, we are a member of the International Thespian Society which competes on a state and district level with a one act, monologues, duet scenes, solos, group ensembles, technical theater, playwriting, pantomime, and much more. We are also a member of the Cappies program where students critique local high school theater and have the opportunity to be published in local papers. Actors also have the opportunity to be nominated by the Cappie Critics and participate in the annual awards gala at the Broward Center of the Performing Arts. Some of our previous productions include Zombie Prom, Bus Stop, Grease, The Crucible, Little Shop of Horrors, and Twelve Angry Men. The Drama program offers student opportunities year round!


Picture Yourself An Artist!
The Visual Arts program offers students the opportunity to work in various media, including pencil, pastels, charcoal, clay, paint, and more. A student interested in the visual arts can join the school’s Art Club or apply to become a member of the National Art Honor Society (NAHS). These two groups are active in completing two- 
and three-dimensional artwork for themselves, the school, and the community.


And the Beat Goes On!
The Instrumental Music program consists of a Concert Band, Marching Band, Jazz Band, and Color Guard. These groups meet on a weekly basis to rehearse their musical repertoire in preparation for numerous school and community performances. Each of these instrumental groups perform at different venues throughout the school year, including our school’s home football games, Open House, and Christmas and Spring Concerts.
The Band Program is affiliated with the Florida Bandmasters Association (FBA). Students are given the opportunity to participate in state music competitions and adjudicated performances to enhance their individual skills as performers.


We Like to Move It, Move It!
The Dance program enables students to develop knowledge and skills in varied dance styles through acquisition of technique, choreographic skill, aesthetic awareness, and performance quality within a cultural and historic content. Students develop dance skills such as coordination, motor memory, and fine and gross motor skills. Students master movement principles and techniques to enable them to move expressively, efficiently, and safely.


On the Air!
The Film program is designed to train students in the basic elements of television production, camera operation, staging, lighting, and audio. Students receive hands-on experience with video production procedures, emphasizing story boarding, script writing, basic acting skills, and video production. This class will produce on-location events, and various activities throughout the year.


Let the games begin!
The Computer Graphics program combines technology with creativity, and enables students to develop basic skills in using computer graphic applications along with the elements of art and principles of design to create Graphic Art. In Computer Graphics students learn how to use Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator to edit photography, create original artwork and create original illustrations for print or web use. In Visual Technology students learn about interactive design, animation, and motion graphics using Adobe Flash and iMovie. These classes take place in our state-of-the-art Mac Lab. A student interested in computer graphics can also join the school’s Graphic Arts Club or AMP Magazine!

Excelsior Scholars

What is the Excelsior Scholars Program (ESP)?

The Excelsior Scholars Program is an advanced academic opportunity offered to select archbishop Edward A. McCarthy High School students who have performed at an exceptional level.  The goals of ESP are to enhance students’ educational experiences and to prepare them for further study or careers after graduation, as well as to develop bright, motivated students. We believe that students who participate in ESP should continually challenge their intellectual limits, and work creatively and earnestly to reach their highest potential as scholars and leaders.

How does one qualify for the Excelsior Scholars Program?

  • Invitation to ESP is based upon student performance.
  • Incoming 9th graders must perform in the top 10% on the Archdiocese of Miami high school entrance examination (HSPT)
  • They must have exceptional middle school grades
  • They must have 90% or above in Iowa (or other standardized) tests in Math and English
  • They must receive a favorable recommendation from their previous school

What benefits will ESP provide?

  • Access to rigorous academic courses including Advancement Placement, Dual Enrollment and Honors courses
  • PSAT and SAT preparation classes
  • School sponsored visits to top universities
  • Special student recognition
  • Students who complete the program may qualify for a minimum of 30 college credits through St. Thomas University and the University of Florida.

Suggested Program of Study

9th Grade

  • Honors Algebra I, Honors Geometry, Honors Algebra II
  • Honors English I
  • Honors Biology
  • AP World History (DE), AP Human Geography
  • Spanish I, Spanish for Heritage students I, Spanish Speakers I, French I, Italian I
  • Faith and Revelation (½ credit), Morality (½ credit)
  • Practical Art (1/2 credit), P.E. (1/2 credit)

10th Grade

  • Honors Geometry, Honors Algebra II, Honors Pre-Calculus/Analytic Geometry (DE)
  • Honors English II
  • Honors Chemistry
  • AP World History (DE)
  • Spanish II, Spanish for Heritage students II, Spanish Speakers II, French II, Italian II
  • Hebrew Scripture and Christian Scripture

11th Grade

  • Honors Algebra II, Honors Pre-Calculus/Analytic Geometry (DE), AP Calculus I (DE)
  • AP English Language & Composition (DE), Honors English III (DE)
  • AP Chemistry, AP Biology, Honors Physics, Honors Anatomy & Physiology
  • AP American History (DE), Honors American History
  • Social Justice
  • Elective choice of one credit: AP Spanish Language (DE), Honors Spanish III (DE), Spanish for Heritage students III, Honors French III, AP or Honors Fine Art (DE) and/or Business and Technology

12th Grade

  • Honors Pre-Calculus/Analytic Geometry (DE), AP Calculus I (DE), AP Calculus II (DE)
  • AP English Literature (DE), AP Language (DE), Honors English IV (DE)
  • AP U.S. Gov’t and Politics (½ credit) (DE), AP Macro Economics (½ credit) (DE), Honors Gov’t (½ credit) (DE), Honors Economics
  • Honors Philosophy (DE), Honors World Religion (DE), Honors Pneumatology (DE), Honors Church History (DE) 2 – ½ credits
  • Sacred Scripture, History  of the Catholic Church Honors, Christian Vocations, World Religions
  • Elective choice of two Credits: AP Science Class or Honors Science Class, AP Spanish Language (DE), AP Spanish Literature (DE), AP French Language, AP or Honors Fine Art and/or Business and Technology

Students can take credit exams or summer school in order to advance.

In-House Test Prep

Why an In-House Prep Program? – With college degrees becoming increasingly more important in our society and colleges becoming more selective and competitive, we have seen an increase in the number of students who request information on SAT/ACT preparation. Therefore, we have carefully planned an in-house, high quality Test Prep program with an expert in the field, Mr. Ray Dass. He has proven through his program to increase students’ test-taking skills and significantly increase their scores. All instructors are extensively trained, accessible for questions and support, and provide feedback to both students and parents.

Who is included in this Test Prep Program? – We believe that every child deserves to receive test preparation and at Archbishop McCarthy we have made it accessible to all our students. As SAT scores may be the determining factor in college admissions decisions, we are taking a proactive approach to ensure that quality test prep is available to all our students.

What are the benefits of the In-House Test Prep Program?

  • Comprehensive and progressive four year program
  • Convenience
  • Unmatched expertise
  • Courses built into the curriculum
  • Valuable test taking strategies/critical thinking skills
  • Opportunity to achieve higher scores
  • Expert instruction and full-length practice tests
  • Cultivate students’ motivation and self-confidence to realize their own potential



  • A college entrance examination called the SAT Reasoning Test
  • Generally taken during the junior and/or senior year
  • Students receive a Critical Reading, a Math, and a Writing score with a maximum score of 800 each
  • Total maximum score is 2400
  • Cost: $45.00
  • Register online at
  • Use the Archbishop McCarthy school code: 100577.
  • Check the College Board website for test dates and testing


  • A college entrance examination
  • Generally taken during the junior and/or senior year
  • Students receive scores in English, Reading, Math, and Science Reasoning with a maximum score of 36 each
  • The total composite score of 36 is calculated by taking the average of the four scores listed above.
  • Cost: ACT Assessment – $31.00 ACT Assessment Plus Writing – $46.00
  • Take the ACT Plus Writing! Many colleges will not accept scores unless the writing score is included.
  • Register online at
  • Use the Archbishop McCarthy school code: 100577.

Most colleges and scholarship programs accept scores from the SAT I or the ACT. They are two different types of tests, and some students do better on one than the other. It is a good idea to take both tests, compare scores, and then retake, if your scores are not satisfactory.

SAT II Subject Tests

Credit Exam Study Guides

Click on link below to access study guide.

Scholarship Info

Scholarships are awards given to help pay for college, usually based on something a student does well, such as academics, athletics, community service, activities, or writing an excellent essay. There are several sources of scholarship money.

Colleges – Colleges offer a huge amount of money to enrolling students. Be sure to apply for any scholarships offered by colleges to which you are applying. Watch deadlines and apply on time.

Private – Many corporations and organizations award college scholarships. Information about many of these is available in the Guidance Office and is published monthly in the Contests and Scholarships bulletin. Information is also available on many websites and books in the Media Center, the Guidance Office, and local libraries and bookstores.

Click HERE for a list of scholarship opportunities.

State of Florida – Florida Bright Futures Scholarship Progam, to learn more click HERE

NOTE – Beware of organizations that charge a fee to find you scholarships. While the ultimate decision is yours, the Guidance Department at Archbishop McCarthy does not endorse or recommend these services. The information that they charge you to provide can also be obtained through the Guidance Department as well as your own search using the listed books and web sites in this packet. All seniors are encouraged to register with one or all of the following search websites. These sites will match you with qualifying scholarships. It is then your responsibility to pursue the scholarship once it has been identified.

Bright Futures

French Honor Society (La Société Honoraire de Francais)

The purpose of the French Honor Society is to promote the French language and culture at Archbishop McCarthy High School. Students are initiated in the first semester of French III Honors. The applicant must meet the following criteria:

  • Be enrolled in the first semester of French III Honors.
  • Transfer students must have spent at least one full semester at Archbishop McCarthy before becoming eligible.
  • Candidates must have maintained an “A” average in French during secondary school.
  • Have a Career GPA of 3.0 or higher (French not calculated in this average).
  • Fill out the application and supply the appropriate documentation requested.
  • French Honor Society students provide tutoring during the school year.

International Quill & Scroll Honor Society

Membership in this chapter is a privilege bestowed to a student by the heads of the chapter based on meritorious work and achievement within the journalism and yearbook fields. Candidates must be Juniors or Seniors that have earned a minimum cumulative3.0 GPA  in their general scholastic work, and have done superior work in some phase of journalism or yearbook writing, editing, production, or management.

International Thespian Society

The Thespian membership is granted for the demonstration of a commitment to excellence in theatre arts that meets EdTA’s (Educational Theatre Association) general guidelines:

  • A student must participate in at least two full-length productions, or one full-length and two one-acts, or four one-acts.
  • Participation should be in at least two of the listed categories, for example, acting and technical theatre.
  • Students may earn up to five points toward membership in the high school Thespian troupe through participation in community, children’s or professional theatre, or in other activities in the performing arts.
  • Thespian membership will be awarded to all students who qualify. No student can be elected into the troupe, and no student can be denied membership if he or she has fulfilled all membership requirements.
  • A student member must maintain satisfactory standards of membership as set forth by the constitution of the troupe, the EdTA governing board, and Archbishop Edward A. McCarthy High School. A student may be suspended or expelled from the troupe by the sponsor. A suspended student may not participate in the activities of any Thespian troupe nor attend Thespian conferences during the period of his or her suspension. However, neither the term of the student’s subscription to Dramatics magazine nor the student’s paid membership status will be affected. Once a student has been submitted to the home office, their name can not be removed from the membership rolls.

Exceptional Thespians

After Thespians have attained membership, further recognition for their outstanding work in theatre arts may be indicated by awarding stars for each additional ten points (or 100 hours) earned. When a Thespian has earned the maximum of four stars and an additional ten points (a grand total of 60 points), he or she is eligible for an honor bar. Additional Stars, corresponding Thespian jewelry items, Honor Thespian certificates may be awarded at the discretion of the sponsor.

Graduate Honor Cords

Thespians who have been active for 3+ years, received 100+ theatrical service points, maintained good academic standing, and demonstrated discipline, appreciation, and dedication to the Fine Arts, qualify for ITS Graduate Honor Cords.

Festivals and events

The most visible EdTA event is the International Thespian Festival. Scheduled each year during the spring, the Festival is a five-day conference packed with theatre activities (both educational and performance). More than 10,000 Thespians and their sponsors join us for this celebration of theatre. It is a wonderful opportunity for students to share experiences and meet others from around the globe who share their passion for theatre. (Students must be chaperoned and age thirteen or older to attend.) Participation booklets explaining various offerings and information to get your students excited about the Festival are mailed out in the fall. Registration materials are mailed to all active members after the beginning of the calendar year. In addition, students may perform in Individual Events, attend student leadership training seminars, audition for college/universities and earn scholarship monies for continued education in the theatre arts.

Mu Alpha Theta 

Mu Alpha Theta is the National Mathematics Honor Society for students who excel in mathematics. Students in grades 10 to 12 who have taken or are currently taking honors or AP Math classes are eligible. Freshmen can be associate members, but must be currently taking an honors math class. Students must maintain a “B” average in all of their math classes and have  good conduct grades in all courses. Members must pay yearly membership dues. Part of the duties include tutoring students and attending district competitions throughout the South Florida area.

National English Honor Society (NEHS)

The National English Honor Society was founded March 25th, 2004, by Sigma Tau Delta, the International English Honor Society. The NEHS goals are to recognize on the national level those who, on the basis of academic grades and performance, merit special note for past and current accomplishment; to nurture these persons in such ways that they are encouraged to develop further their abilities in the various fields of English; and to encourage members to use their talents in the service of others.

Students of various backgrounds and grade levels can share with one another their mutual appreciation of, and excitement with, literature, fine writing, language and media studies.

The applicant must meet the following criteria:

  • 3.5 in English and 3.0 in general GPA
  • Interest in writing literature
  • Applicants must provide writing sample

Once accepted must attend meetings, workshops, fundraising and service hours. (not maintaining 3.0 could jeopardize members)

All requirements are established by the NEHS (

National Art Honor Society

The Archbishop McCarthy High School chapter of the National Art Honor Society has been established to recognize students who show outstanding ability in art, are dedicated to the pursuit of personal artistic development, and want to promote the arts through school and community service projects such as the Catholic Fine Arts Extravaganza for our feeder schools. Art faculty selects students from 11th-12th grades on the basis of art scholarship, service, and character.

National Honor Society

Membership in this chapter is an honor bestowed upon deserving students by the faculty and shall be based on the criteria of scholarship, character, leadership, and service. To be eligible for selection to membership in this chapter, the candidate must have been in attendance for a period of one semester at Archbishop Edward A. McCarthy High School. Juniors or Seniors who have maintained a cumulative 3.75 GPA are eligible for nomination to the National Honor Society. Their eligibility shall then be considered based on their service, leadership, and character. The invitation to join does not guarantee a student will be selected.

The final selection of members to this chapter shall be by a majority vote of the Faculty Committee consisting of five faculty members appointed by the principal. The chapter advisor shall be the sixth, nonvoting, ex officio member of the Faculty Committee.

Prior to the selection the following shall occur:

a. Students’ academic records shall be reviewed to determine scholastic eligibility.

b. Students who are eligible scholastically shall be notified and asked to complete the Student Activity Form for further consideration for selection.

c. Students’ attendance and disciplinary records shall be reviewed to determine eligibility. Unexcused absences and tardiness will be reviewed as well as any referrals or detentions. A referral may prevent a student from being considered for selection.

d. Students’ service hours will be reviewed and verified that they have completed 100 hours over Archbishop McCarthy requirements. Juniors will have 150 hours and seniors will have 175 hours.

e. The Student Activity Information Form and faculty comments shall be reviewed by the Faculty Committee.

The selection of active members shall be held once a year during the school year.

An active member of the National Honor Society who transfers to this school with a signed letter verifying the membership from the previous principal will be automatically accepted for membership in this chapter. The transfer member will attain within one semester and then maintain the membership requirements for this chapter in order to retain his/her membership.

The criteria for selection includes scholarship, leadership, service, and character.

Scholarship: 3.75 weighted GPA at the end of the second semester.

Leadership: You will be asked to provide documentation showing that you have held a leadership position during your years at Archbishop McCarthy High School. This position must be held within the school. Some examples of leadership are class office, team captain, editor position, campus minister, or student ambassador.

Service: You will need 100 hours over the school’s community service hour requirement. Juniors will need 150 service hours and seniors will need a total of 175 hours. You are required to attach copies of all service hours completed at the time of selection. Please make sure you keep copies of all service hours turned in to your theology department as they will not be able to give you back your original paperwork.

Character is measured in terms of integrity, behavior, ethics, and cooperation with both students and faculty. Your discipline record will be reviewed. In order to be selected you must have a clean discipline record. Having referrals on file may disqualify you from being selected. The Administration will make the final decision.

National Social Studies Honor Society

The National Social Studies Honor Society is designed to promote scholarship and recognize academic excellence in social studies in secondary school environments and the community. It provides through its local chapters opportunities for exploration in the social studies; to encourage interest in, understanding of, and appreciation for the social studies.

Students inducted into the Society will have and maintain a minimum cumulative 3.00 GPA. Students will meet regularly to explore social studies issues and share mutual interests. Students will also be required to complete community service hours.

Science National Honor Society

The Science National Honor Society is exclusively designed for students who excel in the field of science. Students must apply for membership as well as meet several requirements to be inducted into the society. Students inducted will receive recognition upon completing several hours of tutoring services for the students of Archbishop McCarthy. Students will also be involved in creating projects that may benefit our sister school’s science programs.

The applicant must have met and maintained the final criteria:

  • A student must have and maintain a 3.0/4.0 grade point average to be a member.
  • A member must be enrolled in at least one honors or upper level science class during or prior to the eleventh grade year.
  • A member must be enrolled in at least one second year honors or upper level science class during or prior to the twelfth grade year. If second year honors or upper level science courses are not offered by the school, then the student must be enrolled in a second first year honors or upper level science class during or prior to the twelfth grade year.
  • A member must maintain a B+ average (or equivalent) across all science courses.
  • All members must attend one local chapter officer’s lecture annually.

Spanish Honor Society (Rubén Darío Chapter of the Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica)

The purpose of the Spanish Honor Society is to promote the Spanish language and culture at Archbishop McCarthy High School. Students are initiated while enrolled in Spanish III/Spanish Speakers III Honors or an AP Spanish course. The applicant must meet the following criteria:

  • Be enrolled in a Spanish III Honors or Spanish Speakers III Honors or an AP Spanish course. Freshmen may not be initiated. The applicant must have had two semesters of Spanish in high school. NOTE: The Credit-by-exam does NOT count as a year of Spanish taken in high school (per National Director 5/30/03).
  • Have an “A” as the semester grade for each semester of Spanish taken in high school. A “B” is acceptable for levels III and IV, which are honors or AP classes.
  • Have a Career GPA of 3.5 or higher.
  • Fill out the application supplying the appropriate documentation requested.
  • Submit a typewritten essay in Spanish on the topic, “How can I, as a member of the Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica, promote the Spanish language and culture through service to others?”
  • SHS provides tutoring for Spanish students throughout the school.