Student activities at Archbishop McCarthy High School provide the student with opportunities for exploration in areasof interest that can compensate and transcend the course of study in the classroom. In these activities, students are able to learn to express themselves, to respect others, to work toward a common goal, and to develop their God-given gifts and talents.  Our school offers a wide and varied program to meet these objectives through academic, artistic, athletic, religious and service activities.


At Archbishop McCarthy High School, we believe that all education must lead to the development of a mature faith, and a concrete and personal relationship with Jesus Christ through his Church and sacraments.

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The Athletic Department at Archbishop McCarthy High School is committed to providing each athlete the opportunity to learn sports specific skills, sportsmanship, the value of teamwork, tradition and commitment, which fosters the athlete’s confidence to compete in their chosen sport.

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The Community Ministry Service Program provides students the opportunity to share their time and talents with the community. All students are required to complete a total of 100 hours with the minimum of twenty-five hours for each year in their four-year career at Archbishop McCarthy High School.

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Archbishop McCarthy High School’s mission of educating tomorrow’s leaders is reinforced by our extracurricular activities.

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The purpose of student government is to build a sense of family in the school and to encourage enhancing student leadership skills in order to be nominated and voted for the various positions. Student Government raises money for the school and administers student oriented events such as pep rallies, Homecoming and Senior Prom.