Apple TV

Archbishop Edward A. McCarthy High School students are among the first to benefit from the Apple TV system technology. Each classroom is equipped with 55” flat screen televisions and the Apple TV system. “The 21st century will require of today’s students vastly different skills and access to resources differing greatly from those of their grandparents and their parents,” said Richard Jean, Principal at Archbishop Edward A. McCarthy High School. “This is the future and now our students are learning from it and living it.”

“We are building the educational model that will offer our young men and women a chance to catch this wave of change, understand this evolving environment, and unlocking their full potential. Upon graduation, they will emerge prepared to excel in the 21st-century landscape that awaits them,” continued Jean. “We are proud to be leading the way in incorporating technology into our school.”

The Apple TV system enables teachers to provide multiple ways to teach. By using visual, auditory, verbal and participatory cues students have an all encompassing learning experience. Having the iPad interfacing with the Apple TV also liberates the teacher from standing in the front of the room. Teachers can walk around the classroom; discuss the lesson/lecture on the Apple TV while adding notes to the lesson which is on display at the front of the classroom. Students who are absent can request the lesson/lecture be sent to them via email. Another plus is the integrated Apple system is far less expensive than the Promethean or Smartboards.

Apple History at McCarthy: In the Fall of 2011 McCarthy High School introduced the iPad to students. At that time Principal Richard Jean stated, “The technology we have implemented for our students is giving them the edge, and placing them head and shoulders above their peers. Our Freshman Class is the first in South Florida to begin high school totally immersed in the latest technology.”