Archbishop McCarthy High School was the first school in South Florida to implement a school-wide 1: 1 iPad initiative. Each student is issued and educated with the help of his/her own iPad which is used throughout the curriculum as an invaluable learning tool. This was the first step towards a learning environment in which students and teachers have 24-hour-a-day, 7-day-a-week access to the tools and resources of the 21st Century classroom.

Teachers continue learning in an intensive faculty professional development program that enables them to engage students in a truly digital environment. We are very aware that students in the 21st Century learn most comfortably and enthusiastically when they are able to access, analyze, and synthesize information using digital tools. Our 1:1 iPad environment provides the needed step toward helping our students to achieve and become successful in a fully digital learning environment.

To make this possible, Archbishop McCarthy High School has contracted with Apple, Inc. to set up a program allowing all students to participate in the initiative. By means of this program, each student enrolled in the program is assigned his or her own Apple iPad. Apple has made it possible for our families to acquire this learning tool and all the needed software applications, along with 4 years of hardware and software assurances and support.