Excelsior Scholars

What is the Excelsior Scholars Program?

The Excelsior Scholars Program is an advanced academic opportunity offered to select Archbishop Edward A. McCarthy High School students who have performed at an exceptional level.

The goals of the Excelsior Scholars Program are to enhance students’ educational experiences and to prepare them for further study or careers after graduation, as well as to develop knowledgeable, motivated students. We believe that students who participate in the Excelsior Scholars Program should continually challenge their intellectual limits, and work creatively and earnestly to reach their highest potential as scholars and leaders.

How does an incoming 9th grader qualify for the Excelsior Scholars Program?

  • Perform in the top 10% on the Archdiocese of Miami High School Entrance Exam
  • Exceptional middle school grades
  • 90% or above in Iowa (or other standardized tests) in Math and English

What benefits will the Excelsior Scholars Program Provide?

  • Access to rigorous academic courses including Advanced Placement, Dual Enrollment and Honors courses
  • Complimentary Math Weekends (PSAT/SAT preparation) and summer PF course
  • “Fill-in the Gaps” (9th) and “Building on the Foundation” (10th) PSAT preparation
  • Annual Excelsior Scholars Recognition (9th,10th,12th) and Induction Ceremony (11th)

Academic Requirements:

  • Maintain a cumulative weighted GPA of 3.9 or above at the end of each school year
  • 9th Grade Excelsior Students are required to take AP Human Geography
  • Maintain semester grades of 80 or above
  • Remain in Advanced Placement, Dual Enrollment and Honors courses as applicable
  • Complete 7 AP and/or Dual Enrollment courses by the end of senior year as applicable
  • Complete PF course in the summer

Academic Recommendations:

  • Resume submission at the end of 9th grade via Naviance under “About Me” tab (to be updated annually)
  • Investigate (check criteria for admission) and build college list in Naviance starting in 9th grade
  • Complete SARA app by the end of each school year

9th Grade
-AP Human Geography
-English I Honors
-Algebra I Honors (or higher Math)
-Biology I Honors
-Spanish I, Spanish Heritage I, Spanish Speakers I, French I
-Faith and Revelation; Christology

10th Grade
-English II Honors
-AP, Dual Enrollment or Honors World History
-Geometry Honors (or higher Math)
-Chemistry I Honors (or higher Science)
-Spanish II, Spanish Heritage II, Spanish Speakers II, French II
-Paschal Mystery; Ecclesiology

11th Grade
-English III Honors, Dual Enrollment, or AP English Language
-AP, Dual Enrollment or Honors American History
-Algebra II Honors (or higher Math)
-AP or Honors Science
-Sacraments; Ethics
-Elective choice of one credit

12th Grade
-English IV Honors, Dual Enrollment, AP English Literature or Language
-AP, Dual Enrollment or Honors Government/Macroeconomics
-Pre-Calculus Honors, Pre-Calculus Honors Advanced, Pre-Calculus/Analytic Geometry Honors (or higher Math)
-AP or Honors Science
-World Religion; Church History
-Elective choice of one credit
*Any student accepted after 9th grade must meet with the counselor to create his/her plan for future coursework.