Scholarships are awards given to help pay for college, usually based on something a student does well, such as academics, athletics, community service, activities, or writing an excellent essay. There are several sources of scholarship money.

Colleges – Colleges offer a huge amount of money to enrolling students. Be sure to apply for any scholarships offered by colleges to which you are applying. Watch deadlines and apply on time.

Private – Many corporations and organizations award college scholarships. Information about many of these is available in the College Advisement Office and is listed on the Canvas Guidance page. Information is also available on many websites and local libraries and bookstores.

State of Florida – Florida Bright Futures Scholarship Program, to learn more click HERE        

NOTE – Beware of organizations that charge a fee to find you scholarships. While the ultimate decision is yours, the Guidance Department at Archbishop McCarthy does not endorse or recommend these services. The information that they charge you to provide can also be obtained through the Guidance Department as well as your own search. All seniors are encouraged to register with one or all of the following search websites. These sites will match you with qualifying scholarships. It is then your responsibility to pursue the scholarship once it has been identified.

Bright Futures