Why an In-House Prep Program?

With college degrees becoming increasingly more important in our society and colleges becoming more selective and competitive, we have seen an increase in the number of students who request information on SAT/ACT preparation. Therefore, we have carefully planned an in-house, high quality test prep program. This program has proven to increase students’ test-taking skills and significantly increase their scores. All instructors are extensively trained, accessible for questions and support, and provide feedback to both students and parents.

Who is included in this
Test Prep Program?

We believe that every child deserves to receive test preparation and
at Archbishop McCarthy we have made it accessible to all our students. As SAT scores may be the determining factor in college admissions decisions, we are taking a proactive approach to ensure that quality test prep is available to all our students.

What are the benefits of the
In-House Test Prep Program?

  • Comprehensive and progressive four year program
  • Convenience
  • Unmatched expertise
  • Courses built into the curriculum
  • Valuable test taking strategies/critical thinking skills
  • Opportunity to achieve higher scores
  • Expert instruction and full-length practice tests
  • Cultivate students’ motivation and self-confidence to realize
    their own potential

Program Implementation:

9th Grade

  • Test prep in building foundations (Summer 9th -10th)
  • SARA app (all year)

 10th Grade

  • PSAT/SAT test prep (Summer 10th -11th)
  • SARA app (All year)
    Excelsior PSAT/SAT test prep (Spring)
  • Excelsior Merit Live at Nova (Summer 10th -11th)
    Math weekends (All year)
  • SARA app (all year)

 11th Grade

Junior Test Prep (Semester I & II)

  • Junior Excelsior PSAT/SAT prep (fall)
  • Junior test prep advanced – Session I (fall)
  • Junior test prep – Session II (Winter-spring)
    Math weekends (All year)
  • SARA app (all year)

 12th Grade

Senior Test Prep (Semester I)

  • Senior final test – test prep (August-October)
  • Math Weekends (All year)



2016 TESTING DATA – The graduating class of 2016 achieved the following mean SAT scores as reflected by the highest attained score of each student and are compared to score reports from larger group populations:

Top 10%

  • Math – 715
  • Critical Reading – 714

Top 20%

  • Math – 681
  • Critical Reading – 673


  • Math – 548
  • Critical Reading – 558


  • Math – 480
  • Critical Reading – 486


  • Math – 511
  • Critical Reading – 496

More about Testing

  • All students are required to take the SAT.
  • The PSAT is administered to all students in grades 9, 10, and 11.
  • The ASPIRE is administered to all students in grade 9 and 10.
  • The ACT is administered to all Juniors in the Spring.


Archbishop McCarthy – 23.1
Florida – 19.6
National – 21.0