Best High Schools In Broward County Florida

Best High Schools In Broward County Florida

Archbishop Edward A. McCarthy High School is one of the best high schools in Broward County, Florida, with an experienced team of teachers and management staff. By shaping the young minds through religious experiences and educational programs, we help adolescent boys and girls become independent, responsible, and self-sustainable individuals.

Top reasons for parents to choose a catholic school education

If you’re looking for the best high schools in Broward County, Florida, your best bet would be to send your son/daughter to a Catholic high school. It significantly improves their probability of graduating and getting into a reputed college/university. Evidence proves that Catholic high school students make more money in their jobs than those who go to public schools.

More importantly, you want your adolescent to develop strong moral values, focus, critical thinking, and decision-making skills, which are some of the values that we impart through our Catholic educational programs. Lastly, statistics state that Catholic high school graduates are more likely to partake in church programs and activities as adults, empowering them to lead a Christ-centered life. 

Is catholic high school worth the cost?

Well, you get what you pay for, and attending a private Catholic high school can be slightly expensive. The truth is that despite the costs, there are several benefits to sending your child to a Catholic high school. Catholic high schools prepare their students for SAT or ACT exams, making them score higher than the national average.

A study by Michigan State University in 2011 proves that Catholic high school graduates’ scores are 10% higher than those who graduated from public schools. This proves that catholic schools are worth the price as your son/daughter will make several folds the money during their lifetime than what you originally spent for his/her education.

Are Catholic high schools better than public?

Parents generally look to send their children to a Catholic school as it offers a stronger academic education compared to public schools. Several studies suggest that Catholic primary school graduates score higher on tests than their peers in public schools. The National Catholic Educational Association states that adolescent boys and girls studying Catholic schools scored high in average National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) and SAT than their public school counterparts.

Also, Catholic private schools have a graduation rate of 97% on average compared to 84% for public schools. College enrollment rates are also higher among Catholic school students (76%) than their public school counterparts (41%). After thoroughly reviewing the statistical data and results of several studies, it is evident that Catholic high schools are way better than public schools in imparting the best quality education, knowledge, and life skills and values to students.

For admission-related inquiries, call the Archbishop Edward A. McCarthy High School at (954) 434-8820. Ranked among the best high schools in Broward County, Florida, our curricular program caters to teenage boys and girls’ spiritual, cultural, and intellectual needs. Get your adolescent son/daughter into our high school today to watch them grow into successful, confident, and self-sufficient adults.

Best High Schools In Broward County Florida

Archbishop McCarthy High School


Best High Schools In Broward County Florida

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