Catholic Schools Broward County Fl

Catholic Schools Broward County Fl

If you are looking for a nurturing, safe school environment in Broward County, FL for your child, one that is committed to academic excellence, lifelong success, and innovation, a catholic school might be right for your child. Some parents get intimated when they think about sending their children in catholic school. Generally, they feel overwhelmed in large part to some common myth that plagues the reputation of Catholic schools. So, before you start exploring your option for catholic schools, you should separate the facts from myths about Catholic schools. 

Catholic schools are only for Catholics 

While all catholic schools are founded on the principles of Christian teachings and character, students of all backgrounds and faiths can enroll. At Archbishop Edward A. McCarthy High School, a growing number of our students are not from a catholic background. A lot of parents are simply looking for a nurturing environment for their kids that support educational, emotional, and spiritual growth.

Catholic schools are unaffordable for ordinary families 

This is definitely not true. Catholic private schools are for any child, no matter the income. We are not saying that every family can afford private schools, but you can set a meeting, you may get tuition assistance. If you are committed to providing your kid with a quality catholic education, Archbishop Edward A. McCarthy High School is committed to helping parents achieve this. 

Catholic schools are stuck in the past 

Many catholic schools Broward County FL, including Archbishop Edward A. McCarthy High School, are dedicated to providing cutting-edge education so as to prepare students for a world that can’t be imagined. Our students are exposed to technology and have broad access to science-based projects and curricula. Our high school students have the opportunity to pursue studies in a variety of engineering fields. We also train our students to be problem solvers. 

Catholic school children aren’t exposed to the real world 

This is also false. Catholic students are better prepared to tackle the real world. However, the role of catholic school is not to serve as a substitute for your role as a parent. Catholic schools simply echo what you teach your kid at home. You are equal partners and active participants with the school forming your kids. 

They do not provide enough academically

Archbishop Edward A. McCarthy High School excels at providing a thorough curriculum with academic supports. With a strong belief in arts and academics, our students receive a balanced education for anything they choose to do after high school. Archbishop Edward A. McCarthy High School is approved by the department of education.

They don’t have many extra-curricular 

Many people believe that catholic schools only focus on academics. That is another myth that discourages parents from taking their kids to catholic schools Broward County FL. Archbishop Edward A. McCarthy High School offers a lot of opportunities outside the classroom. Our students are encouraged to try as many extracurricular activities as possible.

For more information about why Archbishop Edward A. McCarthy High School is the best catholic school Broward County FL for your kid, contact us today.


Catholic Schools Broward County Fl

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Catholic Schools Broward County Fl

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