Private Schools In Broward County

Private Schools In Broward County

Education is vital. Children are always out and about learning new things every day. It is essential to ensure that your child gets the best education and within a challenging environment to make them sharper. At Archbishop Edward A. McCarthy High School, we provide an environment for your child to develop intellectually, socially, physically, and emotionally. We have top of the line facilities and resources for your child to explore their gifts and talents. If you are searching for the leading private schools in Broward County, for your kids, we are a top-rated high school. Our curriculum program is specially developed to meet your child’s intellectual, spiritual, and cultural needs and help them reach their highest potential.

3 Reasons Why You Should Consider Private Schools For Your Child

As a parent, the question of how to give your child the best is always top of mind. As much as public schools don’t have tuition costs and have done a good job teaching students, the quality of education in private schools far outweighs the one offered in public schools. Here are other reasons why private schools are the best option for your child.

  1. Student-Teacher Ratio

Individual attention at school is important to a child. You will often find fewer students per class in private schools, unlike public schools. This makes it  alot easier for your child to have access to the teachers. In private schools, a customized learning strategy is used for every child as teachers address your child’s specific academic needs, allowing them to achieve greater academic success.

  1. Higher Academic Bar

You can say that the main advantage of taking your child to a private school like ours at Archbishop McCarthy High is the higher quality of education they’ll get. What most schools would consider curriculum activities, we consider prerequisites. Private schools encourage students to set higher standards for themselves and be goal-oriented. One of the goals is to ensure your child goes to college. Statistics show that private school kids are twice as likely to complete college in their mid-20s than public school kids. Your child will also have better access to information about college options in private schools.

In addition, private schools have lots of elements added to the basic school program for the students. Many private schools emphasize arts like plays and musicals more than most public schools. This is because public schools are regulated by the government, preventing them from spending more than a certain percentage of money on the Arts. These activities will enable your child to explore their creativity, talents, and gifts and express themselves better.

3. A Sense of Value Through Community Service

Private schools emphasize so much on personal values. For instance, at Archbishop McCarthy High, we aim to bring forth well-behaved graduates who appreciate and serve their community and have strong faith. In addition, we have various community service programs to teach our students the importance of giving back.

Premier Academic Facilities and Resources For Your Child

When it comes to private schools in Broward County, you can be sure your child will be getting the best education from a top-rated school like ours. We offer best in class programs aimed at developing your child into a fine young adult in society. For any queries or questions, contact McCarthy High School today at 954-434-8820.

Private Schools In Broward County

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Private Schools In Broward County

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