Schools with French Programs London

Schools with French Programs London

Being bilingual today can do a lot in terms of someone’s education and career. In a place like London, Ontario, where French is widely spoken, it is even more important to know the language. Students who graduate fluent in French have more options for careers and further education than students who just speak one language. The first step to preparing your child for this is by looking for schools with French programs in London. The top school is Mathews Hall, a private school with one of the best French programs around. Students come from all over to benefit from everything the school offers.

What The French Program Is Like                                                       

There are so many French and bilingual schools in London, Ontario because both of the official languages are French and English. This is why private schools like Mathews Hall offer some of the best French courses around. Students are expected to leave with a firm grasp on the French language that can benefit them through high school, university, and the rest of their life.

The Rigorous Courses

Starting from Kindergarten, students at Mathews Hall take rigorous French courses. These classes teach students to be creative, curious, and practice self-discipline. They are required to memorize an extensive vocabulary and be able to have conversations just using French. Students are given a personalized approach, as some may have less experience than others, but they have to put in the effort that others are.

Different Levels

The French program at Mathews Hall is broken into different levels. Each level has vocabulary words, as well as exercises, stories, and more. After making it through the first five levels, students will be as competent in the French language as many students are expected to be by the end of high school. This can give them an advantage over those who did not benefit from French courses in London Ontario schools.

The Immersive Approach

In order for students to complete these levels and become competent in French, Mathews Hall uses an immersive approach. Students are completely immersed in the French language and culture. There are times they are expected to speak only in French, whether in class or at a special event. This allows them the conversational skills they will need to express their bilingual skills. Students are also taught traditional stories, as well as poems and music, so they can learn French culture, not just the language.

What Else Does Mathews Hall Offer?

While Mathews Hall has one of the top French programs in London, they can offer your child even more. They have some of the top academic programs and a curriculum that prepares students not only for high school but for college and the rest of their life. They have countless activities that students can take part in, and strive for them to get involved in the community. For families who are worried they can’t afford tuition, Mathews Hall does offer some financial assistance. Contact Matthew’s Hall Admission’s office: 519.471.1506 to book a tour or for any questions.

Schools with French Programs London

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Schools with French Programs London

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